Top Prices Paid For Your Unwanted Sterling & Antique Silver

Top Prices Paid For Your Unwanted Sterling & Antique Silver
Top Prices Paid For Your Unwanted Sterling & Antique Silver
Best Prices For Scrap Sterling Silver in Scotland:
TOP PRICES PAID FOR STERLING SILVER: Scotland’s Leading Scrap Silver Dealers.


 We at Dart Silver Ltd are always looking to buy any silver you may not now have use for, from all ages and in any condition.
As we write this silver is enjoying its highest price in many many years, We at Dart Silver Ltd are like all silver dealers and are always looking for new stocks, Where we do differ from others is that we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market , Please do not be taken in with the numerous companies leafleting areas promising excellent prices as we can assure you the reality could not be further from the truth. The TV advertisements and high street shopping malls offer far lower than we do.
Advantages of dealing with the shopping mall or indeed the companies who hire a local social club or similar is you will get paid cash on the day but it will be far lower than you would receive from us.

How do we work?

Simply send your silver to us with a covering note which should include your name and address as well as a day time telephone number , Once your silver is with us we will contact you to let you know your total weight and ask you how you would like to be paid. We have 3 choices of payment , we can pay using direct bank transfer, a good old fashioned cheque or cash which would be sent via Royal mail Special delivery.
Silver sent which includes wooden handles , glass or any other foreign object would have to be removed to get the actual weight of weighable silver,. If you do not remove such materials we will do so at no extra charge for you, please note though this can slow down your payment by a day or two during busy periods.
Please check around the internet to see other prices, Some differ between trade and personal , some offer prices for differing weight bands, we prefer to offer a top price for everyone and this will be set here on a daily basis so please check back on a regular basis.
The price paid will most likely change on a daily basis and we pay the price at that days ‘silver fix’ , For example if you see £10 per oz on a given day and send a package to us you will be paid on the following days price unless you request that days price verbally by telephone, We require the silver then to be with us within 3 working days for you to receive your agreed price, A bit like taking a price on a horse , however it may go up and it may go down, We are taking this gamble on a daily basis also.
Anything which is hallmarked is taken no matter its condition, Lower grade silver will be paid at a lower rate, Continental silver may be marked 800,833,900 etc , Please get in touch for Today’s best price.
  Please note: silver is grammes.weighed in Troy Ounce , 1 troy ounce equals 31.1 .
You will find we weigh honestly and pay very swiftly, bank transfers carried out on same day, cheques posted same day, cash may take 2 to 3 days to organise at the very latest.
Please send your silver well boxed and preferably by next day Royal Mail special delivery, this can be insured to a value of £2500.
Please send your consignment to the following:
Dart Silver Ltd
45 Vicar Street