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Sterling Silver Table Forks, Set of 6, Sheffield 1913, Martin Hall & Co Ltd

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Set of 6 English sterling silver table forks by Martin Hall & Co, hallmarked from Sheffield in 1913.

A set of good weight which are in good order, each measuring 197mm in length.


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Product Description

Sterling Silver Table Forks

Set of 6 English sterling silver table forks by Martin Hall & Co, hallmarked from Sheffield in 1913.

A set of good weight which are in good order, each measuring 197 mm in length.

WEIGHT (Grammes)398
WEIGHT (Troy)12.79

The fork developed as an eating utensil much later than knives which are the descendants of sharpened hand axes, the oldest known human tools. The shape of the fork has been around a long time and in ancient Greece, depictions of Poseidon, the god of the Sea, shown him holding a trident.

In the same period, people used large forked tools to pull food out of boiling pots. However, it wasn’t used at the table until much later.

In the eighth or ninth century, forks began to appear as eating utensils in Persia and by the 11th century forks were in use in the Byzantine Empire. From works of art and illustrated manuscripts, we can see that forks were often two-pronged at this stage. In the 16th century, forks as we know them began to appear across Europe being introduced to Italy and France and finally, Great Britain.

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George V 1910-1936


Martin Hall & Co Ltd



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