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1908 Olympic Games London Steward Badge, Antique, Vaughton, Athena, White Metal, Greek Goddess, Enamel, REF:
1908_Olympic_Games_London_Steward_Badge,_Antique,_Vaughton,_Athena,_White_Metal,_Greek_Goddess,_Enamel,_REF:_image1 1908_Olympic_Games_London_Steward_Badge,_Antique,_Vaughton,_Athena,_White_Metal,_Greek_Goddess,_Enamel,_REF:_image2 1908_Olympic_Games_London_Steward_Badge,_Antique,_Vaughton,_Athena,_White_Metal,_Greek_Goddess,_Enamel,_REF:_image3 1908_Olympic_Games_London_Steward_Badge,_Antique,_Vaughton,_Athena,_White_Metal,_Greek_Goddess,_Enamel,_REF:_image4 1908_Olympic_Games_London_Steward_Badge,_Antique,_Vaughton,_Athena,_White_Metal,_Greek_Goddess,_Enamel,_REF:_image5

1908 Olympic Games London Steward Badge




A scarce 1908 Olympic Games London Steward badge made by Vaughton of Birmingham.
White metal and blue enamel with the centre showing the head of Athena the Greek Goddess.
Condition is excellent with just the most minute of nibbles to the enamel which we can only see under strong magnification, its just above and slightly to the right of the 2nd letter N in the word London (very very small).
It measures 56mm across and weighs 41.1 grammes.

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