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Demitasse/Coffee Spoons

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Coffee spoons in the 19th Century

Silversmiths began creating silver demitasse, or coffee spoons, in the 19th century to complement the rising popularity of coffee drinking in Europe. As coffee culture spread, these small, elegantly designed spoons became essential for stirring the strong, small cups of coffee typically served after meals.

In the early days, artisans crafted demitasse spoons to match the fine china and silverware sets used by the wealthy. They often featured intricate designs and decorations, including engraved patterns, monograms, and floral motifs. The use of sterling silver not only added a touch of luxury but also demonstrated the host’s sophistication and attention to detail.

Into the 20th Century

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the production of silver demitasse spoons expanded significantly. The Art Nouveau movement influenced many of the designs, with flowing lines and naturalistic themes becoming popular. Silversmiths produced these spoons both as individual pieces and as part of larger coffee or tea sets, often presenting them in beautifully crafted cases.

As coffee drinking became more widespread in the 20th century, manufacturers began to produce silver demitasse spoons in a variety of styles to cater to different tastes and budgets. The advent of mass production made these spoons more accessible, allowing more people to enjoy their elegance and functionality.


Despite the rise of stainless steel and other materials, silver demitasse spoons retained their charm and desirability. Collectors and coffee enthusiasts continued to seek out antique and vintage pieces, appreciating their craftsmanship and historical significance. Today, silver demitasse spoons are cherished both for their practical use in serving coffee and as beautiful reminders of a rich cultural tradition.

Whether displayed as part of an antique collection or used in everyday coffee rituals, these spoons remain a testament to the enduring appeal of fine silverware and the timeless pleasure of enjoying a good cup of coffee.

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