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Dining in Silver Cutlery

Dining in Silver Cutlery

Perhaps, a lot of people are wondering how it feels to be dining in silver cutlery. Traditionally, royalty only dines using gold and silver tableware. It might be due to the fact that gold and silver distinguished the wealthy and the commoners in times gone by.  Moreover, silver cutlery defines a certain social status in the society.  Today, there are only a few of the original silver cutlery items that are still used or preserved. However, with advances in technology, there are certain manufacturing processes now that produce silver cutlery. The amazing thing about these processes is that the time and the antiquity of the cutlery can even be specified.
This may sound unbelievable but a lot of silver tableware dating back from the renaissance period is available in the market today. What is more unbelievable is that these items actually look antique and aged. For people who are interested in getting a set or two of silver cutlery, here is some advice:


Choose the Age. Just like the original antique pieces, the further these go back into time, the more expensive these antique pieces get; therefore for cutlery, the same theory is applied. Cutlery that dates back to the 18th or 19th century is way more expensive than the cutlery that dates back to the 20th century. Moreover, the design choices go lesser as the date moves further back. Therefore, if you have specific designs in mind, you will have to choose the age carefully.


Choose the Pattern. It is a fact that not all flatware patterns are available in sterling cutlery. In fact there are just very few of these patterns, such that if you want flatware patterns for your silver cutlery, you only have a limited set of choices.

Identify the Number of Place Settings. The number of family members and guests would determine the number of place settings that you need for your silver cutlery. For those who prefer for the silver cutlery to be used by family members only, then the number is dependent on the family size. However, for some people who do a lot of entertaining, a few more places will not hurt at all.

Determine the Pieces in each Place Setting. Traditionally, cutlery is primarily composed of a knife , spoon, and fork. However, in fine dining, a couple or more of spoons, forks, and knives make up a cutlery set. Therefore, you need to decide on the pieces that you want to be included in the cutlery set. You should remember that every piece counts and every count costs.

What to add

Choose Extra Pieces. In choosing silver cutlery set, you are not confined to the standard composition of the set, but you can choose certain pieces to be added such as ladles, serving spoons, and sauce ladles to name a few.

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